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LaTeX beamer presenter console

As I said before I like both LaTeX beamer and the Oracle Presenter Console. After taking a big step to bring presentation notes on the second screen on Windows 7 I recently took the last step of showing the next slide to the presenter. Here is how you do it (on all platforms).

The idea is to compile a version of your document without notes first and use the resulting PDF to include it in the second screen part of the presentation. This way it is possible to include slides that haven’t been generated yet. The idea is based on the instructions of Julián Villegas. I just made it easier to use (at least for me) and changed the layout to fit the model of the  Oracle Presenter Console .

Note that you need to use pdflatex as this includes images from a PDF file.

  • At first you need to download the two attached files preview.tex and presenterconsole.tex and copy them to your beamer directory. Edit  preview.tex  to use your main document as input (I used presenter.tex). You can modify  presenterconsole.tex to change the position of the second screen.
  • Now edit your main document to include presenterconsole.tex  using \input{presenterconsole}
  • Make sure to remove all \setbeameroption{show notes on second screen} commands in the main document.
  • Now build  preview.pdf from preview.tex as often as you need to resolve references. You should get a presentation without notes.
  • The last step is to build your document as usual. The result should look similar to my presentation shown on the pictures.

I don’t know what is the best work flow to built such a presentation. As it takes double the time to compile both versions of the presentation my guess is to work on the preview version without notes. You write the notes into your slides „blindly“ and review them after completing the whole presentation or from time to time. Plus I don’t know how well it fits to your building environment but that’s your problem. ;) As I use Makefile it’s not a problem for me at all.

That’s it for now. I guess we can proclaim the end of OOo Impress, can’t we? ;)

2013-10-05: Attached working example including Makefile in example.zip.

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  1. Thomas
    20. September 2011, 09:47 | #1

    Hey Konny,
    really nice work here. I’m using it for the presentation of my thesis with the beamer template of my university.

    However I experienced a minor bug. The preview of the next slide was shown in the right column, but was positioned vertically under the current slide. This caused the notes to be shown outside the slide.

    I changed the the definition of the note page in presenterconsole.tex to:

    \AtBeginNote {

    Now it’s working for me.

    Thank you very much for the nice console.


  2. 21. September 2011, 01:15 | #2

    thanks, I will include it soon ;-)

  3. 10. Februar 2013, 13:46 | #3

    I’ve been playing around on Ubuntu machines (no spare Windows machine at present) and cannot get Presenter console to work on OOo 3.3, either on nVidia or ATI graphics. Nor could I get it to work on Win2K nVidia graphics. I’ve now got to stop fiddling with this, as I have a presentation to prepare to substitute for a speaker at meeting who has just cancelled. I’ll print out my few notes, which are only an aide-memoire anyway.

  4. Celina Q. Vang
    19. Juni 2013, 14:03 | #4

    Please, remove the ‚feature‘ which forces you to use fullscreen on your primary monitor. This just doesn’t make any sense, the small taskbar at the bottom is so small that you don’t really gain anything with respect to readability of the presenter view but you lose sooooo much… Like the ability to quickly launch VLC to play an mp3 or to open a pdf where you got some figures which are too many to put into the notes but which you need to do the presentation or to type instant messages (which in some cases might not be a joke but really helpful when you got an expert on Skype to answer questions by the audience etc. etc.) To sum up: Being forced to fullscreen you lose LOTS of advantages and you gain NOTHING at all. So please, change that, and I guess that (unlike the wishes for live-editing) should be so easily put into the programme as to take only a couple of minutes for the programmer.

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