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Pidgin: Birthday Reminder

Finally I finished a plugin which implements a feature that I was missing really much in Pidgin for ages now: the Birthday Reminder. Since I used Miranda before I switched to Pidgin you will be able to find some ideas my plugin has in common with WhenWasIt. ;) So, what does the plugin do?

  • Scanning Birthdays: Every 2 minutes the plugin chooses  a buddy to query its user info which is similar to „right click -> Get Info“. This is supposed to work on ICQ, AIM, XMPP and MSN protocols in case the buddy has entered its birthday. The birthday can be set manually for all protocols.
  • Checking Birthdays: Stored birthdays will be checked at midnight or whenever an account goes online. Of course this can be triggered manually too.
  • Notification: The plugin reminds you using either a mini dialog in your buddy list or a notification window or a birthday melody or, last but not least, an icon next to your buddies entry in your buddy list. Enjoy the screenshot!
  • Tooltip: Shows your buddies (stored) birthday on its buddy list tooltip.
  • Overview: There is an overview provided which enables you to see all (stored) birthdays.
  • Localization: There is just a german translation for now. I would be glad if you like to translate it into other languages.

Download: launchpad.net

I wish you a happy St. Valentine’s Day. :D

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  1. José Ricardo Vidal Santos
    4. September 2010, 15:18 | #1

    José Ricardo Vidal Santos :

    Konrad :
    Just merge them with the existing ones.

    Ok i will do that.
    Thanks again.

    It works!

  2. 20. September 2010, 15:39 | #2

    Version 1.7
    * Do not longer expect ICS file to be well-formed (Bug #614244)
    * Added Brazilian Portuguese, Czech, Dutch, Slovak and Tamil language files (credits on https://translations.launchpad.net/pidgin-birthday-reminder)

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